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Algorithms that Fully Exploit Sensor Data

Continuous data from the variety of sensors on IoT devices has not yet been fully exploited for intelligent algorithms due to the multi-disciplinary expertise required in machine learning, signal processing, software engineering, and power management. We're bridging this gap with 15 years of experience at Fortune 500 companies in this domain.

Platform for Data-Driven Innovation

Extensive real-world sensor data and user feedback are fundamental to many areas of research, particularly when creating intelligent algorithms that perform well in practice. We offer a platform and services for collecting diverse mobile and sensor datasets with precise, user-provided ground truth.

The Largest Smartphone and Smartwatch Dataset Available is a campaign to build the largest and most comprehensive smartphone and smartwatche data set available. The data include high-quality, labeled mobile and sensor data collected by demographically diverse volunteers.

dashboard Pilot Study 134% Funded! is organized and run by AlgoSnap.

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Free Sample Dataset

Smartphone + Smartwatch Data Collected using the CrowdSignals Platform

We created the CrowdSignals Platform to enable researchers and developers to collect the data they need to solve critical problems in a fraction of the time. The CrowdSignals Platform is in alpha with select partners and has not yet been released to the general public. If you're interested in early access, please contact us:

Download the Sample Dataset!

Download free sample datasets along with code in Java and Python to aid your exploration. The data include over 40 sensors and sources from Android smartphones, smartwatches, and Microsoft Band 2 devices. Ground truth labels for 10+ common human activities are also included.

Free Sample Dataset

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